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Education is a stepping stone towards success in life.

At CEM Missions, Inc., we know how valuable education is. Knowledge can never be stolen and can be used as a stepping stone towards success.

Placing great importance on the education of the less privileged children is one of the priorities of our projects. Many children have the talent, desire, and willingness to learn. However, many of them also lack the resources to go to school. Their parents do not have the money to send them to proper schools.

As a team, we develop a number of programs that address the educational concerns of our recipients. We provide scholarship grants. We even provide educational materials and supplies to young ones to support their education. A lot more programs focused on education are waiting to be implemented.

Current Program for Education

The Ann Marcus-Jones Memorial Preparatory School

Ann Marcus-Jones Memorial Preparatory School is a Christian–based oriented community school opened to both Christian and Muslim children as well, who are orphans and vulnerable children. Its focus is to train and teach children drawn from the community and around in Formal and Informal Education while at the same time opening and promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all children from other faiths regardless of their beliefs.


  1. The school in Freetown is temporarily built with sticks and zinc.
  2. Majority of the children live in the community in shanty homes with no proper care.
  3. Difficulties paying the minimal school fees to run the school.
  4. Difficulties buying school materials for their children.
  5. Low salary payment for teachers because the teachers are paid from school fees collected from children.
  6. Need for children’s reading materials, e.g., Bible stories, Disney reading books, coloring books, etc.
  7. The school in Pendembu: the children need footwear and school bags (second hand or used) if possible.
    Toys for the nursery school.
  8. Other children pay minimal school fees while orphans pay no school fees, while on scholarship from the church and other sponsors.

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